Happy 5 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are over 5 months old today! Over the past few weeks you've been growing like a weed, turning pants into capris after one trip through the wash. You're active. You roll across the room and scoot backwards across the floor, but not quite at a crawl. You push and pull and spin and… Continue reading Happy 5 Month, Emma Josephine!

Happy 2 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are now over 2 months old. During this 2nd month of life, we have seen your personality shine. You have found a deep affection for mommy and impress her with your spit bubbles and smiles. You have the sweetest voice and you call to mom & dad with equal excitement and joy.… Continue reading Happy 2 Month, Emma Josephine!

Happy 1 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are 1 month old today. During your first month of life, you have captured our hearts more than we could have imagined. You have shown incredible strength, lifting your head the day you were born and continuing to do so every day after. We knew you'd be strong at 10.1 lbs and… Continue reading Happy 1 Month, Emma Josephine!