Daddy-Daughter Car Rides

There are few things better than a long, night drive on the highway with the windows down and the heat on to keep the night chill from settling into my bones.

I remember the first time I experienced this contrast of temperatures. My dad had leased a sporty, manual, two-seater Honda S2000. It was a summer night when we decided to take it out on Hines Drive for a spin, but one of those summer nights which surprises you with the coolness of the air following a hot day. Despite the temperature, we dropped the top back and took to the winding road. I hadn’t brought a heavy enough jacket so during our drive, my dad reached over and cranked the heat. I vividly remember thinking, “This makes no sense.” I was shocked that we were driving around, heating the open air around us. It was impractical – but it was so much fun, rosy-cheeked from the cold wind and legs overheated, hanging out with my dad.

Every long night drive when the temperature is around what it was that night, I roll down my windows and pump the heat. It’s not the same in a ’99 Taurus by myself, but I always think fondly of hugging those corners in the convertible with my dad.

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