8 words to 8 days…

I had forgotten how bittersweet the end of busy season feels. I’ve worked over 30 hours in the past two days but even with the extra hours I’m logging this week, I’ve started to feel a let down of sorts.

…It’s funny how we don’t anticipate becoming attached.

I’ve spent three and a half months here. Redefining my routine, my perspective, my goals, my relationships. At this point, what of me is left unchanged? It’s difficult, to be divided. I suppose I had hoped my decisiveness last week would spare me from the sadness of leaving. I am eager for Grand Rapids but despite that and the lack of consistency or time here, this place has become a home to me.

It’s also strange to think that while I have been so positively affected by my experience, I will soon be another intern who wasn’t hired – a set of initials on prior year’s workpapers – to the majority of those with whom I shared office space.

But I have a great many things to take from my experience here. Though it will be difficult to leave, it’s necessary.

So here’s to you, internship/Rochester/coworkers/new faces/friends/place of employment/extended family/lessons learned/adventure: You have found a fresh place in my heart and I am grateful for you.

“American Honey” Lady Antebellum: “She couldn’t wait to get going but wasn’t quite ready to leave…”

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