Expand my rib cage – my heart feels bigger.

Quick update because I have to pack, clean, and grab myself a large dirty chai latte to go for my ride to Grand Rapids!

I had such a good day yesterday. Honestly. My heart really does feel bigger. I got into work, charged a ridiculous amount of time to admin, and went through an exit interview with the main tax partner. There, I got the opportunity to read over the comments that my work buddy and manager with whom I worked on the huge project wrote about me. Such encouraging words. They both spoke of my fit with the group and recommended me for employment. The line “asset to our team” was mentioned. It’s hard to walk away from that but I am proud of myself and grateful for the people I met and worked alongside. My dad would have teared up hearing the partner tell me how glad he was to have my positive attitude and smile around the office, especially considering that I had made up my mind to do something else following the completion of the internship. “Take pride in everything you do,” my dad says. Done and done! And it feels great to have been such a positive person throughout this time and for people to recognize that; and what may have been challenging at specific points was easy in total. I want that in my life, every day. Attitude is everything.

After work, I headed over to Chili’s to meet up with work friends for a very quick minute. I’m so glad I got to see the people who were there. I am going to miss them. I made some really great friends at my internship.

Hopped from the car to the shower and got ready for my night in Ann Arbor for the Mike Posner and B.o.B. concert. Picked up by a friend, took some time driving aimlessly, and met up with our other friend and some new acquaintances to walk down to the concert. The weather was perfect – although the venue was moved indoors. The music was great. Followed with drinks, chats, and a late night meal before an even later night’s drive back to Rochester Hills. Such a good night! Honestly, I am fortunate to have such good people in my life.

So that’s it. Quick update. Now I gotta pack, tidy up, grab that latte and hit the road for the continued saga. Cannot wait to see my Grand Rapids friends! It’s been far too long!

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