Welcome to Indiana!

“We began at A, graciously proceeded to B, talent showed you to C and time brought you to D.” – RD 


I have such a great knack for getting myself lost. I enjoy it. I don’t plan on it, but I always end up heading in the wrong direction or taking a wrong turn. The above is from a trip I took with the intention of taking home a friend before getting to where I wanted to go. Obviously, I disregard any logical path and make my own directions. 

This evening I left Grand Rapids around 6pm to head to Rochester. Went the wrong way on the highway and realized when I got to Indiana that I had made a minor error. Hahaha. Five hours later, I showed up in Westland. I tried to get some fireworks in Indiana but the warehouse was closed, so I bought a coffee mug for a souvenir:

I also rediscovered David Gray, The Stationary Set, Tracy Chapman, The Postal Service, The Format, Kelly Clarkson, Ray LaMontagne, and Dashboard Confessional (to name a few). 

All in all, a humorous end to a great weekend! Great friends, a ton of food, plenty of dancing, and an abundance of laughter: 

Don't take life too seriously!

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