Greater Grand Rapids & Four-Leafed Clovers.

Aside from four small bags and one box, I’m moved in. My room is tidy and I fully intend on keeping it that way. It’s peaceful here and I think utilizing my futon for a bed was a good choice; open spaces are cleansing.

I feel like a lot has happened this week, more things than should be able to fit in the description of one week. I received a phone call today from another company in Grand Rapids regarding an interview too. I’m scheduled to go in Thursday evening to discuss the position. All these job opportunities make my Honors paper seem really important and really insignificant at the same time. The paper isn’t teaching me anything new. It adds no value to my life, skill set, resumé, nada. The degree, which is contingent upon the completion of this paper, does however. It’s a shame.

I feel really good about things though. I can’t find the post right now but quite some time ago I wrote about my friend’s inspirational pep talk about following my heart. He was such an advocate of me moving to Grand Rapids because he had gone through something similar with his move to Ann Arbor. He decided to move without really any plan of how things would work out and things just seemed to fall into place. He thinks those sort of things just happen when you’re following your heart or, as Paulo Coelho would say, your personal legend. I thought he was lucky.

Maybe I’m just lucky too.

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