Life List 2010: See a Bald Eagle in Nature (CHECK!)

If this was VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” they’d be featuring me.

Today, I drove from my hometown to my current town then out to a friend’s cottage. We drifted around on inner tubes, went for a pontoon ride on a pontoon that hauls, swam in the water, ate some delicious food, shared great conversation, enjoyed beautiful weather and warm water, and then went on an adventure!

I was talking about my life list for 2010 with my two friends and the parents owning the cottage. We started brainstorming about where I should go to get my camping experience and debating what constituted a “real” camping experience. Then, I mentioned my desire to see bald eagles in nature.

Come to find out, bald eagles were nesting four miles from the cottage as of last year. It caused such a scene that the locals put up “No Parking” signs along the road to deter all of the tourists seeking to see them. In fact, the parents had gone last year. Biked out at around 8pm and saw them.

It was 8pm when they relayed this story to me. Could this be fate???

We all piled in the car with cameras and binoculars and started our journey. I fully anticipated a fun trip with anticipation and excitement but no actual bird sightings but I was SO WRONG. We immediately spotted one between the trees. Only it wasn’t bald. It was brown from head to toe. That prompted some Googling on my MotoQ and I quickly learned that bald eagles’ heads turn white once they’ve matured. What we were seeing were young bald eagles! We spotted another one perched on a dead tree that was a bit closer and also saw their huge nest. The first one we spotted was actually right at the edge of the nest and it chirped its beautiful song for us over and over. <-Check it out. The first one is the one we heard.

Words can’t explain to you how thrilling this was for me. I wish they could. I immediately attempted to contact everyone who would understand how filled to the brim with excitement I was feeling at the moment.

The sightings were followed by sightings of herds of deer. My spirit guides.

A baby bunny.

A flock of robins.

I LOVE nature. I’m on such a high right now. I don’t know why I don’t live somewhere where I can see this on the regular. You know what that means? After Grand Rapids, my goal is to find myself some nature.

Cloud 9.

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  1. Angelina Cardenas Avatar
    Angelina Cardenas

    I love that I got to share this with you and love you just as much!

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