I'm not afraid of some Country Thunder.

Be spontaneous. Take a leap of faith. Go after what you want. Don’t be influenced by others. Speak your mind. Open up. Smile. Laugh. Make the best of the situation. Feel excitement!

Be employed. Hope. Take action. Don’t sit back. Be proactive. Have confidence. Meet the challenges of each day.

Remember who you are, what you stand for, who you want to become. Embrace truth and honesty. Grow. Show kindness. Be patient. Encourage those around you.

I bought a ticket to Country Thunder on a whim. I interviewed this morning; they told me they’d draw up some paperwork and hopefully get me in on Monday. The last big hoorah before I could potentially start employment. And I almost didn’t. I almost let worry keep me from doing what I want to do. I almost kept myself from it with the thought that it might create waves. But I didn’t. I am going to go spend time with friends, listen to AMAZING music, and embrace the adventure! Why wouldn’t I?

Can we say that I’ve grown? Because I have.

I also have the pleasure of bringing along with me a great friend who has agreed to this adventure despite her hatred for camping, “princess” status, and dislike of anything dirty. I think this will be good for the both of us.

Miranda Lambert. Sugarland. Gloriana. Eric Church. Craig Morgan… EXCITEMENT MUCH?!

You should know that I love my life. And to my friend who inspired me to move first and watch the pieces fall into place later, I thank you. I don’t know how you got through to the inner-adventurer in me, but you did in a big way! I’m very grateful.

Oh – in other news, I have the best friends ever. Founders on Monday night – girl sits by herself for 45 minutes at a table next to us. Finally, one of my friends goes over to her and invites her to join. She was so grateful and so fun to have around. This is why I have the best friends ever. They’re caring. And they fully subscribe to my belief that your next best friend is only a handshake away. It made me proud.

I bought a ball cap today.

Change is good.

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