Feel the dirt under your fingernails. Feel the rain on your pillow.

My head is full of thoughts today and my heart is full of warmth.

Admittedly though, I can’t help but feel a little sad that the days are getting perceptibly shorter. It’s unfair that I would notice it now, now that I have a job. To look on the bright side, it may be a good thing because it keeps me from feeling like I’m missing out on too much when I go to bed earlier or stay in with greater frequency. Let’s just be honest: I already miss my gypsy lifestyle and it hasn’t yet been a full week! Being free is easy.

Country Thunder was a blast! Now that I’ve experienced it, I can’t imagine missing out on it and I think it was the perfect send off into the working world. “Life List 2010: Camping” was marked off the list. I helped set the tent up; we grilled out; I used porta-potties and hand sanitizer; I only showered once when we snuck into one of my friend’s family’s hotel room and I weathered some monster storms! We had flood warnings and tornado watches. The concert and campground are held on a field, so the mud was endless! I took one of my dearest friends with me, a non-camper. She made it through the worst of the first night (during the tornado watch) before bolting upright at 4am to leave. She’s impressive though; she came back every day from her hotel room and sunk her feet in the mud to enjoy the concerts! It was great being surrounded with such great people. In addition, two of my friends who attended are moving or have moved to Colorado. How precious a memory to have spent that time together! My friends are a great blessing in my life. My conversation on the ride back from Country Thunder made me realize that I do a poor job letting them know just how strongly I feel about them!

I thrive on learning about people, especially those close to my heart.

I came back late Sunday night and got up for work early Monday morning. I accepted an undefined position at a medical manufacturing plant. The position is new; it may take a while to narrow in on exactly where to draw the descriptive lines. I don’t even have a tentative title. That aside, I am so intrigued by the atmosphere. It’s very entrepreneurial with flat-line management. I anticipate a lot of value-added work opportunities for me there! So far, I enjoy my team and feel like we can come together to make a lot of positive moves. I’m going to start researching manufacturing and although I’m not working in the accounting department, I’m kicking myself for writing off cost accounting. It’s funny how everything in life comes full circle, isn’t it?

So that’s it. My update for the week. I’m looking forward to the weekend, although I’m going in on Saturday to get a better feel for the plant operations and computer programs.

I’m really content with my life right now. Not complacent or comfortable or settled, but content. I’m also incredibly exhausted from working these 11 hour days all week after 3 months of no work and all play! It’s time to hit the hay.

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