Banana Nut Cheerios and Little Thoughts

My sister hates the smell of Cheerios. She says I always smelled like chewed up Cheerios when I was a baby. Haha.

I was driving home from work today around 12:30pm and became suddenly aware that there were a lot of couples driving around. I hoped to myself that they were all happy. I tried to imagine how it would make me feel to have an empty passenger seat for the rest of my life but as I tried to imagine it, I just kept filling the seat with all my friends.

Someone told me recently that yellow cheese won’t string. Is that true?

I used to listen to rap and switch to country when nothing good was on. Now I listen to country regularly and switch to rap on commercial. Country music is consistently better.

I have a hard time leaving a bag of pretzels alone once they’ve been opened.

I wish more people could say what they mean and mean what they say. I can see when the two don’t match up and I find it unnerving.

My room is a pit. Traveling is the best until it comes time for the laundry.

I really hate when people tell me how I feel. A lot. Branching from that thought, I’m sorry for doing it to others. I spent a lot of time in the past convincing someone that he/she didn’t feel the way he/she did. It wasn’t my intention but I can see the effects clearly now. If I could kick myself, I would.

It’s finally the weekend and I’m coming off my first work week in 3 months. I’m exhausted and want to take a nap and start some of that laundry. I also want to see my friends. I’m falling back into my old pattern of sitting indecisive between the two/delaying the inevitable. Get it together, Meg.

It’s better to hold back than to charge ahead blindly. And bulls don’t belong in china shops.

I enjoy a good summer tan.

People are just people. Let’s love them all the same!

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