BBM me. But don't really. It's a company phone.

Hold your breath. I’ll tell you when you can breathe again.

I got a company Blackberry today. It’s the ball and chain that will rob hours of my day and place me at the beck and call of every team member demanding immediate answers. The chime it emits will undoubtedly haunt my dreams and lead me to the edge. There’s no rest for the wicked. That being said, I’m so excited to have it! First and foremost, it will be an asset at my hip since I spend most of my day walking the plant floor and missing pertinent e-mails. Secondly, it feels a little bit official. Like I have responsibility. Like I’m part of the team.

I realized today that I’ve started to worry minutely that something’s gotta give. Things have been going well in life. Almost too well, if that’s possible. I’m knocking on wood as we speak. But what a ridiculous thing to worry about! I’m glad I realized it. Because now I’m going to change that. Better revel in it while it’s good, aye?

I’m in such a loving mood right now. Like a “hug all of your friends so they know you mean it” type of mood. Perhaps it’s all of the caffiene I consumed today. One of my coworkers brought me back Starbucks today from his lunch break because I pitched a fit last time he returned without asking me if I wanted to put in an order. That was after the Kona coffee this morning I made from my Keurig coffee maker. Thank you, mom and dad!

“I hate to break it to you, babe…but I’m not drowning. There’s no one here to save. Who cares if you disagree? You are not me. Who made you king of anything?” – Sara Barielles. I’m in LOVE with this song. Me to a T.

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