Denver, CO – I cannot wait to revist you!

I bought a ticket to Denver, Colorado today to see my two dear friends who have recently moved there. I’m so excited! I wish I hadn’t waited so long because it was a bit more expensive than the last time I went and my flight times are absolute can (as in toilet), but I can’t wait to get there, see them, and get the skinny on CO living!

My patience is wearing thin lately. I need to put myself on a regular sleep schedule and really work hard to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into my DAILY routine. I’ve been debating joining a gym by me. My only qualm other than price is that it’s really beautiful outside most days. I feel like I should save a few more month’s worth of membership fees and put them toward more valuable things. Like plane tickets. And haircuts. And savings.

I had a talk about my benefits with one of the women from HR the other day. They start September 1st. I know nothing about being an adult. Conversations like that make it very clear to me. They’re intimidating too. I don’t want all that responsibility just yet. Luckily, I wasn’t given much of an option. Sometimes I wonder if we’d ever grow up if we weren’t forced to do so. In some things, yes, in others, no, I suppose.

I’ve decided that I don’t know what it is to feel lonely. I know the fleeting feeling, but I couldn’t describe myself as lonely. I would choose other words but not that one. I pity the lonely. Don’t you enjoy your own company? I like taking time for myself. Going to lunch by myself. And if it starts to feel lonely, I call up a friend and share a meal. I wish I understood it better. Or I wish others understood it less.

I am, more times than not, like a moth to the flame.

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