Flight Paths

I just took the moving walkway past a bronze statue of a bald eagle, body stamped with the print of our national flag, wings outstretched over valiant soldiers. I’m wandering the Minneapolis airport looking for my gate.

I have come to the realization that I have three insatiable lusts/cravings/passions in life. They are as follows: travel, writing, and fall weather.

I’ve delved into Eat, Pray, Love recently at the suggestion of my mother. Though the story is interesting, I can’t help but interrupt Elizabeth’s story with pages from my own life’s saga.

I have a friend who feels very uncomfortable with this lust. I wish I could quiet it but I feel compelled to write. I couldn’t say why. It isn’t vanity or self absorption. It’s a love affair.

Travel plays the perfect muse. It inspires me and speaks adventure into every fiber of my being. The promise of the unfamiliar stirs in me a mentality of discovery. I am Lewis. I am Columbus. The sites may have been visited before but they have not been seen with my eyes or retold with my words. Possibility. Potential.

And finally, fall weather. Today is the perfect introduction to fall. I lunched outside with Starbucks in hand while the cool breeze rustled my napkins. I breathed deeply and exhaled the tensions of the work week. As the day cooled, I found myself wondering why I hadn’t grabbed a scarf this morning. Now I’m sitting feet away from an airport store boasting of great value scarves for $10. I think it’s a sign. Gray, perhaps…


  1. Steve Harrison · September 4, 2010

    Interesting Post!

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  4. Hashem Rifai · September 23, 2010

    Elyse referred me to your blog. Great post and solid writing. Many find this crazy, but Eat Pray Love is up there on my list. I quote and reference it a lot in convo and life. I think you’ll find your journeys render new experiences that will develop you personally, emotionally, and religiously and much, much more.

    As a travel lover, like yourself, I was at the news stand, picked up a magazine, and found a quote that defined me better then anything. From what I have read, I think we share the quote. It goes something like this: splurge on experiences, not on stuff.

    Thanks for sharing.


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