Never Known That Kind of Love

I managed to sleep in today. I say it that way because my 5:20am alarm clocks throughout the week have robbed me of some weekend joy associated with sleeping in in the recent past. But today, I slept in. It’s 11am and I’m lying in bed listening to the sound of rain. I love the rain. I pulled my curtain open to appreciate the weather and was met with a bright sky, tinted grey with harmless rain clouds. To some, a melancholy day. To me, a day full of potential…

My trip to Colorado was fantastic. I am blessed to be able to travel and to have such good friends who welcome me with open arms. They picked me up from the airport late Friday night and we spent hours catching up with each other. In the morning, we woke early to pack up the vehicle for a day and night of camping with some of their CO friends. Camping in Colorado is a great experience! Camping in the Colorado mountains is an excellent experience! We set up camp on a ledge overlooking a stream, gathered firewood, listened to music, told stories, and feasted over the campfire. Saw a night sky riddled with stars. Laughed until it hurt.

The next day, the group packed up camp and headed down for lunch; they’re good people. We all split ways after lunch and my friends and I spent a relaxed day recouping. We went out for a pizza dinner and rented a movie to watch at home. I think that’s a sign of true friends. We could’ve run around and saw the sights, but I just wanted to spend time in their company, to talk and relax, to leave Colorado feeling recharged from quality time with friends rather than exhausted from constant sight-seeing. It was a great trip and I’m looking forward to going back to see them soon.

Traveling always gets me thinking. Understandably, it gets me thinking about more traveling. I’d like to make a trip out to see my aunt in Minnesota. She’s so adventuresome, always going biking, hiking, kayaking, etc. I see her as a kindred spirit with whom I would like to spend some quality time. I am planning to see her in late May and make it a belated birthday gift to myself.

I think that traveling is healthy for me. It breaks up my routine. I have discovered that I am a person who doesn’t do well with routine. It starts to weigh on me after a while because I know there are so many other things in this world to be doing, seeing, enjoying. I’ve heard that people need routine. I think I was made differently because I can’t stand it. When I see my life getting routine, I feel trapped and I have to drive a new way home or get lost for a while. My mom thinks that a lot of that has to do with having no ties (being single). Maybe it does. I couldn’t say. But I do know that I have historically had the option to move 2 1/2 hours away from a significant other for a set time more than once in my life and did so without even considering that he may not be able to deal with my absence. Looking back, I suppose that was naive. Still, hindsight brings no regret. If I ever do find a permanent someone, he will have to either accept or join my inner desire for movement and change. I look at my friends in Colorado and I see that willingness there. Maybe I’ve just never known real love like that.

“Please Don’t Stop the Rain” James Morrison <- James Morrison revisited

I’ve started moving more day to day. Going for walks. Bike rides. Being mobile. It’s better than committing to a diet and exercise. I just move. My legs are sore and I like that.

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