Take me there with what I've gained.

Take me back to the streets of London. Post me up in a Dublin hostel. Bus me through the streets of Negril. Place me in a photo dark room. Teach me how to sing. Direct me to the front of stage. Let me see the court or pass me an opportunity up field. Recognize the good. Parade me through Homecoming. Change my location. Raft me down the river. Fly me all alone.

Take me back to the places I have been with the perspective I have now. Let me appreciate the moments as they occur and I will not once more doubt that I have a spirit in me which is unbroken, unfaltering, and strong.

Seize me the day. I will live it to its fullest and fill it to the brim with all that I have to give.

Love life. Be brave. Give thanks.

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