SkyDive Tecumseh!

It’s one of those things that you’re not quite sure you did until you watch the DVD over and over again on repeat. Oh. My. God! We rock twice before somersaulting from the plane into the open air. Weightless but weighted down by the tandem instructor laying ontop of me nearly two miles in the sky. Struggling for a full breath in the midst of all of this air rushing into my lungs. My goggles quiver against the wind. My ears crush under immense pressure. And then? Snatched up into the sky. Pulled up into silence. Utterly weightless…for an instant. The harness straps around my legs grab tightly as we fall into a glide and soar through the sky like eagles. Turn right. Turn hard left. Spin. Pull up. Shhh. The sound of nothing before we release and feel the wind rush into the parachute once more. Soft landing.

…Did that really happen?

Love life. Be brave.

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