To Miss What You Do Not Think to Remember


October, you got away from me. I don’t know how, but you crept silently passed me as I focused on other things. It seems like my first hello but it’s my last chance to say goodbye. October came and went too fast, it seems.

I have not written nearly as often as I had in previous months this time around. Perhaps because writing is a healing outlet for me and I feel more healed than undone. Perhaps because I’m busier this month. Maybe because I’m blogging for L2G. Who could say? 


I would liken it to the scent of liquid Tide combined with whatever fabric softener my grandparents buy. That scent is the scent of comfort to me. It’s that familiar something that you don’t know means so much to you until you happen across it in an unfamiliar place or setting or soak it in after a long time of absence. It’s something that you don’t think to seek out but that feels missed once it’s in front of you. It’s the strum of a memorized tune across my fingers that reminds me of a happy heart. It’s the sound of rain on a tin roof that mimics the steady pattern that falls on the awning at my parents’ home. It’s comfort. It’s joy. It’s love.

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