This evening, I spent too many minutes pouring over old Facebook photos. This all started because I’m in the middle of moving into an apartment and am putting all of my clothes into boxes. Anyway, I was realizing that far too many pairs of pants have gone beyond “borderline” tight and are just plain unwearable. Not a proud moment. So naturally I went to Facebook to reminisce over skinnier days and to give me some incentive to get back on the wagon…if I can still run it down at this point! Haha. Kidding. But it really did drive me to Facebook. Here are some things I’ve noted:

  • I did in fact used to fit into all of those now unwearable pants. Damn.
  • I used to have better fashion sense. Or perhaps better opportunities to show it off.
  • I have lost some fantastic jewelry over the years.
  • I have also lost some favorite clothing over the years.
    • Even so, the majority of my wardrobe is over 4-5 years old.
  • College was a blast.
  • I have great arms when I’m in shape.
  • I have had several groups of friends in my life.
  • I was overly dramatic in school.
  • I miss being tan even though I’m glad I am proud to say I no longer use a tanning bed.
  • I’m aging and so are my friends.
  • I have been blessed with happiness throughout my life.
  • For as many tagged pictures as there are of me, I’m pretty sure there are about five untagged pictures for each.
  • I have never been completely satisfied with my body in a given time period, but once removed, I can acknowledge that I should have been.
  • There is photographic evidence in my past of who I have become or who I had forgotten to be.

Who knew you could learn so much from Facebook?

2 responses to “Facebook”

  1. 🙂 to bullet points 2, 4, and 8.

    even though i think my wardrobe has gotten better since undergrad. guess it comes with having a real job that forces you to dress business casual.

    i was at GVSU last weekend visiting Lysers a.k.a. Elyse. Gieschen that is. Nice school, a little in the middle of nowhere; but nice, clean, and new. driving through michigan was a purifying treat (pun intended). I was also hoping to meet the person behind these thought provoking, entertaining writings. Maybe next time.


  2. Ahh, yes. Sadly, I work in a manufacturing plant. Fashion is a thing of the past! 😉

    Sorry to have missd you! Rain check for sure.

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