Un-rutting Steps

I’ve received some great advice over the years. Most recently, I was told to take things one day at a time. Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten yourself into a rut? You’re always tired. You’re always waking up later than your alarms rather than with them. You don’t leave time in the morning to make yourself a lunch but you never feel like doing it at night. You will literally be asleep on your desk by 2pm if you do not imbibe that tar-flavored coffee they serve at work? You start to wonder if the work you’re doing at work is really value-added.

These are all things that lead to that rut-like feeling. None is so bad that you can’t stand it and they’re all bearable singularly and even together; they just make you feel rut-like. So here I was mentioning that I was in a rut and I heard, “I know. Just take it one day at a time. One foot in front of the other. That’s what I do.”

It’s simple advice. And it’s not even new advice; I’ve heard it before. But it makes sense. So, I went out and finally bought a mattress this past weekend. I’ve been mentioning it seriously for over a month now but I’ve just been keeping myself from taking the right step in that direction. I simply ventured out to mattress stores on Saturday and I dare say my mattress chose me. It gets delivered tomorrow.

Then, I started drinking more H2O this Monday. I go through very short phases when I attempt to bring water into my every day routine but always seem to taper off. I know how good it is for me and so I’ve started carrying a water bottle around with me everywhere I go. It’s there, so I drink it more.

And today I joined a gym. Somehow my apartment complex has rigged a deal that allows me membership over the course of my lease (12 months) for $25 flat. No tricks. No monthly fees. Just $25. It’s a crime NOT to join but it was also so easy that it was easy to put off because it was so easy to join. So I joined. And I walked on a treadmill for a half hour, stretched, and left. That’s it. But it’s that step I think I was being encouraged toward. The un-rutting step.

Tomorrow, I’m mailing something I’ve been meaning to mail but haven’t found the time for.

Thursday, I’m going to pay some bills.

Steps. Little ones. And I like them.

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