I "love" June.

June Lately: A Summary

Friday, 17 – Fly to CA for the first time. Joined by fiance, parents, sister, and friend. Golden Gate Bridge. Japanese Tea Garden. Petrified Forest.

Saturday, 18 – Wine tasting. Lots of wine tasting.

Sunday, 19 – Napa Valley Wine Train + Love Lock Bridge.

Monday, 20 – Private tour at Rodney Strong. Barrel tasting included.

Tuesday, 21 – Redwoods. Route 1. Bodega Bay. The Girl and The Fig.

Wednesday, 22 – Flash past Chinatown. Worry about making the flight. Return to the mitten.

Thursday, 23 – Drive back to GR. Catch up on wedding planning e-mails.

Friday, 24 – Catch up on work. Be busy. Girls’ Night – Love them.

Saturday, 25 – Complete 5k with little to no training. Run 2 miles straight before walk/run intervals. Clean house. BBQ.

Sunday, 26 – Moms in town! Show off wedding venues. Quality time.

Monday, 27 – Meet with florist.

Wednesday, 28 – Meet with photographer.

June has been a full month, particularly filled with blessings. California itself was beautiful, though no match to the quality time spent there. It is truly something special to watch the relationship [read: love] between my fiance and my parents grow. Is there a better feeling?

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