Some things I enjoy…

  1. Work week lunch dates
  2. The sight of my beau in a baseball cap after a morning of working up a sweat outside
  3. Vanilla Chai tea ALL DAY to replace the sludge they call coffee at work
  4. Fresh air and plenty of it
  5. Everyday shop banter
  6. The way people’s faces light up when they’re cracking themselves up
  7. Laughter. Always laughter.
  8. Having a bike rack on my car
  9. Not caring if that bike rack scratches my car because I feel good about doing something good for myself
  10. Having a great trail to run/walk/bike/Rollerblade on in my backyard
  11. Well-maintained apartment complex pools
  12. Friends who I can dress up or down around
  13. My summer make-up routine
  14. Breaking my summer make-up routine every blue moon to feel glamorous
  15. My engagement ring. Oh, how it sparkles!
  16. My family
  17. My future family
  18. The smell of fresh laundry
  19. Health magazines
  20. Four day weekends

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