The Girls

Life has a funny way of bringing us full-circle sometimes.
When I started college, I imagined graduating with that close group of girls that meet up year after year and grow old together, share life’s joys and sorrows.
I spent four or five years searching for the right group. I was always out, always busy at one event or another and I hated the scene just as much as I craved it.
When I graduated, I looked back and thought, “Huh. I guess that was it. Not exactly what I expected.”
Here’s what I’ve learned: If you want to find something, you need to stop looking for it.
Since my first year of college, I have had those women just a phone call away. When I was running out the door, they were inviting me to run on over. But I could never find the time.
Last night, we all met up for dinner with husbands, fiancés, and boyfriends to talk about moving across the world, new houses, daily living, and upcoming weddings.
Have you ever felt the humility of realizing that what you set off to find was with you the whole time?
I am blessed. Blessed to have my group of girls to grow old with. Blessed that they were so patient while I figured out where I needed to be. Blessed that we are all so excited for the changes in our lives and accepting of the people we’ve brought in over the years.
I don’t think you can ever let people know how much they mean to you after something like that…
But I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to show them.

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