Married on the Weekends

Today’s post is directed to any of you not-so-newly weds out there living through opposite schedules.

A question:

Does anyone else wait for the weekend so you can feel like you’re “really” married? I come home from work during the week and count the hours until my husband gets home. It’s a little fun when his arrival gets closer and closer, but it’s mostly a little depressing feeling like my life is paused.

I miss him constantly 🙂
Ooh! Key turning in the door! Gotta go!

2 responses to “Married on the Weekends”

  1. Yes. For six weeks, I’ve only seen your dad on weekends. Its wearing on me.

  2. Instead of just ‘waiting’, use your time to run errands, exercise, work on a project, see a girl friend, explore a new interest.

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