Eat your heart out, Pinterest!

If you guessed that my recent arch nemesis exists in the form of a virtual bulletin board, you would be correct. I don’t accept failure and I really don’t like to lose. Pinterest encourages those things in me at every pin, it seems, but today I win.

Today, I got my new sewing machine out of the box (Thank you, hubby!). I went to the store to buy Christmas surprises for my brother-in-law / hunter (I know nothing about hunting). I got some outdoors-men ideas from my coworkers and a few more from the man behind the bow counter at Gander Mountain (he was awesomely helpful). I then made a quick stop at Joann Fabrics to pick up material and ribbon and swung by Field’s Fabrics right before heading home to pick up a package of pins.

I know next to nothing about sewing.

I asked a customer at Joann’s if she could tell me whether or not you buy the small thread roll… You know, the little one with the same color thread as the big thread but it’s small? She laughed when I told her that my sewing machine was still in the box and kindly explained the bobbin for me.

Amateur or not, I was inspired to craft a hunter’s stocking with no Pinterest-fed instructions or patterns. I make my own rules.

Let me stop to tell you that sewing is not quite as easy at it looks. I picked a very simple shape, but I probably scrapped half a roll of thread before I figured out all of my mistakes. But I DID figure out my mistakes.

Let me also tell you that I realized after I had finished the naked stocking that there was a much easier way to sew on the top. That would have meant tearing out seams however, which I was unwilling to do.

Several phone calls to my mother later and we have the finished product:

I am posting this for no other reason than to gloat about my success (And that dumb face I’m making actually is  the face of success. I didn’t make the call on that one; I just honor it). Pinterest didn’t teach me this (Lies. It DID teach me the bow but, let’s be real, the stocking is way cooler!). I taught me this. And I feel awesome.

Stocked and stuffed with hand and feet warmers, arrow lights, a drag rag, and deer pee. If this doesn’t rock your camo socks, I don’t know what will!


Side-note: Written 12/20/11 but kept UNDER WRAPS until after the Christmas gift exchange. I am so freakin’ excited!

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