New Year's Resolutions

I don’t make a resolution every year but some years find me teetering on the edge of growth, looking for that extra push. That conscious decision to grow. Perhaps this year it’s motherhood, my daughter’s own teetering serving as a visual reminder of my own. Whatever the case, I have decided to make several resolutions this year:

  1. Be a more conscious consumer.
    1. I have a girlfriend from high school who is an active advocate for cruelty-free products. She posts articles and videos about the cruelty practices of mainstream cosmetics and then she posts brand names to replace those products we have throughout our homes with cruelty-free substitutes. The posts got under my skin. Why buy product that’s tested on animals if I can buy an equal substitute? I’ve started to replace some items in our home as they run out with the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval and I’ve found some in home that already had the stamp!
  2. Eat Less Bacon.
    1. This is actually a continuation of 1. but it deserves separate attention. Another girlfriend from high school who became my roommate in college posted a video about pig farms the other day that disgusted me. I’ve jumped on the bacon bandwagon. But watching the video and seeing what our choices are encouraging is discouraging. I’ve got to scale it back.
  3. Be in the Word.
    1. My husband and I became members of our church at the end of 2014. We sat with elders at the church to discuss our faith walk and where we’re being led. I have outward goals but I think to start living out those outward callings, you’ve got to start working on the internal goals first. My internal goal is to be in the Word as routinely as I brush my teeth in the morning.
  4. Do Something Carefree
    1. Anything. Vacation. Dance in the summer rain. Kayak the river. Stop holding myself back and making excuses!

So there you have it. My public commitment to growth. May 2015 be a year full of joy and learning!

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