The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Part II)

Now you’ve heard my idea of a future tidy life but Kondo doesn’t stop there. “Why?” she asks.

Why? Why? Why? Why? 3-5 times she asks for each desire. 

Why do I have clothes out the night before? 

  1. To take a decision out of my morning. 
  2. To get ready earlier.
  3. To be on time. 
  4. To start the day with less stress.
  5. To be peaceful. 

Why do I read a devotion?

  1. To be in the Word. 
  2. To center my heart. 
  3. To be open to God’s plan.
  4. To be obedient.

Why have lunches prepped for the week?

  1. To control content.
  2. To be healthier.
  3. To have more energy.
  4. To be an active mother and wife.
  5. To have a happy family.

Why? To be happy.

Kondo believes that the core of our desire to be tidy comes from our desire to be happy. Let it sink in.

The outcome of this project is happiness rather than tidiness.

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