Technological Clutter: Time to Purge

Yesterday, I spent my entire day going through the garage with my husband as a continuation of the #ruthlessdeclutterchallenge we started weeks ago. It was supposed to be a week-long declutter challenge hosted by Emily Ley that would encompass the whole house but 1) I work outside of the house 4 days of the week and more to the point 2) life.


Either way, the fact that I can declutter for as many hours as I have so far this year highlights some major issues in my life. I began to address those issues here but I think it’s pertinent to note a few things I have done in the past two weeks that might help you if you’re like me and feel chronically tired, overstimulated, and/or overwhelmed. Point of clarification: I’m talking about technological clutter now:

  • Settings – Notifications – Off
    • I now get phone notifications for the following apps ONLY:
      • For reminders:
        • Calendar
        • Reminders
        • 1 Health app
        • Flights (only for upcoming flights)
        • Bible app
        • Moment app
      • For information:
        • Emergency alerts
        • Work e-mail
        • Work support desk app
        • Payment apps
        • Restaurant wait list app (only when actively on a list)
      • For communication:
        • Messaging
        • FaceTime / Calls
        • Facebook messenger
        • Snapchat
      • Of the above listed apps, under 50% make noise (including vibrating) as of today. The amount of badges (the little red icon that yells at you every time you open your phone) has significantly decreased. If my phone makes noise today, I can flip it over without being bombarded by the most recent Like.
  • Speaking of apps, you can Delete apps. I don’t have a count of the apps I’ve deleted over the last two weeks, but to give you an example of my progress: I deleted Facebook, Pinterest, and today Instagram. I can still access accounts online or download them in the future if I become better at managing my time but those are the tortilla chips of tech for me. I cannot stop so I have to get them out of my hands!
  • Unsubscribe. I have no idea how many e-mail subscriptions I’ve cancelled over the last two weeks but I’m pretty sure I never signed up for 67% of them. Be gone, insurance company I’ve never heard of! Away with you.

I have been decluttering the space that my family physically lives in for some time now but I am finding the need to declutter the tech stimuli as well. That particular clutter feeds my need to consume (which then feeds my need to declutter and sets me back on the declutter frenzy).

I. am. so. tired. of. it.

Also, why do we feel like we need to have a marketing e-mail subscription for something we buy once in a blue moon? You can unsubscribe from those and they will still send you a receipt if you make a future purchase. I promise.

Go ahead, delete something today. Turn off a buzz, a badge, a banner. Unsubscribe. Those feelings of anxiety and FOMO will pass (that’s what the research says, anyway).

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