Fall Fresh Start

My husband and I were watching TED TV on our Amazon Fire Stick the other day when we came across this short video by Wendy De La Rosa on saving money. In it, she mentions the fresh-start effect which is that feeling of being able to start with a blank slate when the calendar year changes, the seasons changes, or the school year begins. With the fresh-start effect, we feel empowered to take on new challenges, new routines, and set new goals.

Some people are so incredibly disciplined at harnessing this power that they view each new day as a new beginning. I’ll just go ahead and admit right now: That’s not me. Enneagram 1s aren’t exactly known for their ability to give themselves grace and I’m no exception; it takes me a little more than 24 hours to get over my failures and press the delete key.

Season changes, though? Let’s talk.

  • Winter feels like anything but a fresh start. It feels cold. Long. Dark. But not fresh (That fresh blanket of snow, though? It might not be my personal blank slate but I do love it!).
  • Summer feels more like a headfirst tumble into fun, rushing so fast into outdoor events and swimming and vacation that we barely catch a glimpse of the “Welcome to Summer” banner waving excitedly over our heads.
  • But Spring? Fall? Oh, friends, I am so here for those fresh starts!

Some of you might feel like your fresh start already came and went with the start of the new school year. Perhaps I missed that starting line because it’s my first year as a mom of a “school ager” and it feels a little like that headfirst tumble into Summer. I’m over here shuffling through stacks of papers, downloading apps, and wondering why these teachers keep sending home library books from the school library when I did not sign up for these late notices! It would seem my “Welcome Back to School” banner fell down after being hastily taped to painted brick and I’m still tripping over it on my way through the halls.

So I’m looking forward to Fall. The true calendar start of the season. That’s my fresh start. My blank slate. And it’s only days away.

How will you harness the fresh-start effect of the new season? I’m currently taking suggestions!

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