What Makes You Smile?

  1. Belly laughs from my children
  2. A well-decorated, clean and cozy room
  3. Soft blankets, peppermint tea, and a good book
  4. My husband bringing coffee in bed
  5. Driving my Dodge Challenger
  6. My children misspeaking words
  7. Facetime with my parents
  8. Phone chats with my sister
  9. My dog jumping up onto the bed the second my husband leaves the room
  10. Chatting with the staff at Cindy’s Donuts & Ice Cream
  11. Going for a walk with a friend
  12. Words of affirmation
  13. Date nights
  14. Worship on Sunday morning
  15. Live music or theater
  16. Shared excitement over a good play on the volleyball court
  17. Listening to “Here Comes the Sun”
  18. That newborn baby smell
  19. Amazon deliveries and time spent wandering Target
  20. Kayaking to the middle of our lake to sit in quiet
  21. Bluebirds on my lawn
  22. Deer. Always deer.
  23. Waking to spectacular sunrise full of pinks and oranges
  24. Team banter
  25. Being around someone who is authentically themself
  26. Walking past my living room when it’s lit with afternoon light
  27. A Starbucks grande toffeenut latte with coconut milk or a venti passion tea lemonade
  28. Petrichor
  29. Reading the back covers at local bookstores to discover a new read
  30. Planes in flight

I spent a questionable amount of time today rearranging my Pinterest boards and cleaning out old pins that no longer fit my current stage of life. While doing so, I stumbled across some journal prompts. This one comes from a month of prompts created by travel and lifestyle blogger Jenna back in 2020 (you can find the post here: www.jennasworldview.com).

Now that you know some of mine, let me know what some of yours would be!

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