Let's get serious.

I say it every day for those of you who know me, but I’m really going to start exercising and eating healthy…starting Monday.

This is my public testament so that if I fail to do so, you can mock and ridicule me for my inability to follow through with my word. Cool?

See the thing is, I’ve maxed out on the scale as of today. I always said if I hit a certain weight, I’d turn talk into action. Well, guess where I am? Funny thing is, I’ve never been so forgiving of my body as I am now. It’s kind of awesome, in a way. Not that I should rejoice in my poor diet and general lack of exercise, but it’s nice to be able to look in the mirror, sigh, chuckle, and say that I really did enjoy that last beer among friends rather than hate the way I look.

That being said, it’s time to bite the bullet. Get healthier. Why not? I want to continue going out with my friends until I’m 90. Longevity requires good health. So Monday. It gives me time to prepare and set up a schedule that I can follow. Wanna join me?

Something to think about: Words. In the receipt of them, we give them the power we want them to have. I’m choosing to put my faith in actions. Just something to think about.