Life, where are you leading me? Or am I leading you?

One foot, then the other. One foot and then the other. Whether I lead or follow, the steps are the same. One foot and then the other.

But truly I know you. You do not lead and you do not follow. You progress when I progress and you sit silently while I catch my breath.

You are mine, my mate. You will be with me at all times until we’re gone. And then? We’re gone.

But I don’t think you’ve once come at me fast or given me lemons. How could you? You move when I move and you don’t have hands.

And it’s true sometimes that you are hard but sometimes you’re good too.

Life, you’re good.

Yet you are mine and so it could be said that you are good when I am good and you are hard when I am hard.

You are mine and though I do not lead you, we seem to step in time.

One foot, then the other. One foot and then the other…