Since when has spontaneity required planning?

Here’s a puzzle: Tonight was going to be spontaneous tonight – turns out, the activity of choice is fully booked in several cities. I guess this is my true test for spontaneity – I have approximately one hour to come up with another good plan!

God’s got a way of keeping me honest with my mission 😉

Now I’m waiting for everything to come together. After several texts and phone calls to various people, it looks like there’s a plan. How will it unfold? No one knows. But I do know that I will spend tonight with good people – what more could I ask?

P.S. Thanks to Lina for being my first reader other than my mom – haha.

One response to “Since when has spontaneity required planning?”

  1. Angelina Cardenas Avatar
    Angelina Cardenas

    You’re welcome!!!! I love it and I will keep reading!

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