Snow Camp and Rule Breakers

This past weekend I headed north with 700+ students, my fellow small group leaders (Aren't we a good-looking bunch?), coaches and church staff to SpringHill Camp for what is lovingly referred to as "Snow Camp" 2018 edition. I usually take a lot of flack around this time of year. Everyone loves reminiscing about my very … Continue reading Snow Camp and Rule Breakers

The Family Teeter Totter

How do people balance married life with child(ren)? I've been going at it for three years now and I don't think I'm very good at it. They say practice makes perfect but everyone in my family keeps growing and changing. The second I think I'm on to something, I run into a wall or trip … Continue reading The Family Teeter Totter

Love loud. Don't Lose loud.

So many thoughts. Race. Through my mind. At this very. Moment. I'm having a difficult time. Piecing. Them. Together. Bear with me. I am inspired. And inspiring? I've been told lately that I have become some sort of inspiration for - (get this...) - spontaneity in others' lives. Me, the child who spent years of her youth … Continue reading Love loud. Don't Lose loud.

And now I'm 23.

Yesterday, I got older -  just as I am growing older now - but it was marked with a celebration of sorts. I awoke to a dirty chai latte in bed, hand delivered by my beautiful mother. She planned a day for me that included a massage, a visit to a penny candy shop, lunch … Continue reading And now I'm 23.

Since when has spontaneity required planning?

Here’s a puzzle: Tonight was going to be spontaneous tonight – turns out, the activity of choice is fully booked in several cities. I guess this is my true test for spontaneity – I have approximately one hour to come up with another good plan! God’s got a way of keeping me honest with my … Continue reading Since when has spontaneity required planning?