A Mile A Day: Day 13

Saturday. What. a. day! In the morning, I took the birthday bicycle to the bike shop to get properly fitted. The surprise gift from my husband was essentially a big gift card; he arranged for me to come try out a few models before completing the deal and although I loved the matte black, I … Continue reading A Mile A Day: Day 13

And now I'm 23.

Yesterday, I got older -  just as I am growing older now - but it was marked with a celebration of sorts. I awoke to a dirty chai latte in bed, hand delivered by my beautiful mother. She planned a day for me that included a massage, a visit to a penny candy shop, lunch … Continue reading And now I'm 23.

Sunny Sunday, I have to pass you by.

  Sunday. The day of rest work... Weird. I'll be heading into work today. I have to get everything wrapped up today so that Monday I'm smooth sailing and can take care of all of the little things that will get sent back to me right before the deadline. I don't mind putting in the … Continue reading Sunny Sunday, I have to pass you by.