Sunny Sunday, I have to pass you by.


Sunday. The day of rest work… Weird.

I’ll be heading into work today. I have to get everything wrapped up today so that Monday I’m smooth sailing and can take care of all of the little things that will get sent back to me right before the deadline. I don’t mind putting in the extra work; it needs to get done. However, giving up my Sunday is not ideal. I put in over 70 hours this past week – my first real taste of busy season, so I’m told – and I’m exhausted. Not to mention, I’m missing disc golf for this today!

With everything wrapping up on this end, I’m starting to see things move in my life. Thursday is my last day at work. We get out at 3pm and head right into our April 15th party. Friday is my sorority formal in Grand Rapids followed by a Sunday morning at Mars Hill with my girlfriends. Back to Westland for appointments and meetings on Monday then back to Grand Rapids for grad fest (unless I can work my way out of it). Off to Rochester for some ink on the 22nd and Grand Rapids to see Carrie Underwood in concert on the 23rd. I graduate on the 1st and have a 25 page paper to start and finish before then. Then I move – possibly in with a friend/in a place by myself/or with complete strangers. May 8th is Mother’s Day. The 11th is my 23rd birthday. And I’m finishing up this “planned spontaneity” in Chicago that weekend to see friends that mean the world to me. Welcome to my fast-paced life – taking some time to live it the way I want to live it!

Carpe diem! I’m so filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation; I imagine these next few days will crawl as I (try not to) look ahead of the moment. 😉

I did manage to get a jump-start on the adventure this weekend, however, despite my 70 hours.

Taking a trip to East Lansing on Friday night with a friend to meet up with some of our other friends from college proved that I have people in my life which are well worth a late night road trip even when the thought of a Saturday work day looms overhead the next morning! I feel very fortunate to have such good friends in my life – and friend that don’t let circumstance get in the way. It can be a frightening thing to go through changes in life that have the potential to shuffle around friendships and have people choosing sides. It’s an amazing thing to realize that the fear is unfounded and that I have friends that are above drawing lines. Who wants lines anyway?

“Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles

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