And So It Begins… (Part II)

Just For Fun: What Should My Summer Consist Of?

The disc in my trunk for my disc golf – it’s part of my new quest. This summer, I have a quest to hone in on skills attributable to a) a hobo, b) a gypsy, or c) a hippy. I haven’t decided which yet. I think I like qualities from all of them. Anyway, I’m going to document my journey. So far it consists of a disc for disc golf, a softball mitt, two outdoor blankets, some boxed food, a duffle bag of clothing and toiletries, a pillow, rollerblades, my computer, phone, chargers, and iPod – all housed conveniently in my ’99 Taurus. It’s a modified quest – I also have my parents’ house, a bank account and credit cards. So when I fail to fully adopt all characteristics necessary for survival under any of my choices, I’m still okay.

I’ve already learned this: A softball mitt is useless without a softball and perhaps another mitt for someone to use. But really. Step one: Add a backpack to the list. I also think it would be really cool to have a bike rack on my car so I could have my bike wherever I go (though my mom thinks it would get stolen). I bought a big bottle of water today from the gas station because I feel like that’s a staple of any of the three. What else do I need? More books. I have one with me right now. Okay – so it may not fall under any of the three but a good book to read is always a staple!

 I found my first couch of the summer to crash on today. Progress.

Also, please note this: Everyone who is attempting something like this should have bluetooth access to the internet for their computers – I’m working off that right now. “Clutch” is a word I would use to describe my phone/computer connection. I also think it’s important to locate your local coffee shop. Free wi-fi and outlets for the times when your phone needs a break or you need some place to unwind for hours without getting the “look” from anyone.

I’ll post more as I come across it. Until then, I will continue this ridiculous quest to live freely and avoid job-hunting. Don’t worry; it’s just for fun, but really – which of the three would you choose?

One response to “And So It Begins… (Part II)”

  1. I’ll say hippy, (sans drugs), as I like to be in communion with other people; am comfortable barefoot, in jeans and a T-shirt; and like the whole peace, love, freedom thing.

    Hobos usually travel solo, along the rails, so I’d be lonely. Plus, since I’m unnaturally clumsy, I probably wouldn’t last long before falling under the wheels of the train. Gypsies are itinerant laborers, and I thought avoiding work was one of the goals. It would go against my moral code to tell fortunes or pick pockets, and I have no small children to send begging, so that is looking grim. (Although, in movies, the gypsies are the best dressed, and if the men all looked like Johnny Depp, I’d have to reconsider). No, its hippy, and I’ll have to live in a commune where they share everything in common.

    Truly, I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am to hear that after five years of college, your overwhelming desire is to be a homeless person. 🙂

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