And So It Begins… (Part II)

Just For Fun: What Should My Summer Consist Of?

The disc in my trunk for my disc golf – it’s part of my new quest. This summer, I have a quest to hone in on skills attributable to a) a hobo, b) a gypsy, or c) a hippy. I haven’t decided which yet. I think I like qualities from all of them. Anyway, I’m going to document my journey. So far it consists of a disc for disc golf, a softball mitt, two outdoor blankets, some boxed food, a duffle bag of clothing and toiletries, a pillow, rollerblades, my computer, phone, chargers, and iPod – all housed conveniently in my ’99 Taurus. It’s a modified quest – I also have my parents’ house, a bank account and credit cards. So when I fail to fully adopt all characteristics necessary for survival under any of my choices, I’m still okay.

I’ve already learned this: A softball mitt is useless without a softball and perhaps another mitt for someone to use. But really. Step one: Add a backpack to the list. I also think it would be really cool to have a bike rack on my car so I could have my bike wherever I go (though my mom thinks it would get stolen). I bought a big bottle of water today from the gas station because I feel like that’s a staple of any of the three. What else do I need? More books. I have one with me right now. Okay – so it may not fall under any of the three but a good book to read is always a staple!

 I found my first couch of the summer to crash on today. Progress.

Also, please note this: Everyone who is attempting something like this should have bluetooth access to the internet for their computers – I’m working off that right now. “Clutch” is a word I would use to describe my phone/computer connection. I also think it’s important to locate your local coffee shop. Free wi-fi and outlets for the times when your phone needs a break or you need some place to unwind for hours without getting the “look” from anyone.

I’ll post more as I come across it. Until then, I will continue this ridiculous quest to live freely and avoid job-hunting. Don’t worry; it’s just for fun, but really – which of the three would you choose?