Pick up the pace. Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub.

Yes, it’s time to pick up the pace, to take a leap of faith.

I, for one, believe that faith is a funny thing. (Note that I’m not commenting on religious faith here but rather the generally applied definition of faith which we feel free to place in people, situations, goals, or time frames. That faith, the faith which has no real foundation or source, is funny. Some might even say it’s laughable.)

When we claim to have this sourceless faith, we train ourselves to believe in something without question. And tell me, what right do we have to view something so concretely? To promise others or ourselves of some truth we’ve conjured?


I have a big heart. I like it that way, but big hearts have a lot of faith. A lot of sourceless (along with spiritual) faith. And sometimes that sourceless faith can be breathtakingly painful. Despite my best efforts to question or doubt, this faith remains. Even when it shouldn’t. Even when it doesn’t really, when I know better.

It can be crippling, but I believe that faith in people and circumstances is one of the best qualities of a big heart. I believe in the good of others and in the good within me. I believe that there is good in my situations. Good in my pain. And learning as well. Believing that makes things seem necessary. And forgivable. And understandable. Even if they don’t seem to be any of those things.

Big hearts don’t start out big, I don’t think. I think they start out tender. And tender hearts feel for others in a way that other hearts could not.

I like to think that my heart is big because I let people in there and I hold onto that love. People say that you need to let go, but I think they’re wrong. You can let go of hope but never faith. Even if it’s laughable. Because I believe that people are good and deserve to be loved. And I have faith that things happen for a reason and I have faith in the people whom I have let into my heart.

I think you’d have to, to call it love.

Big faith from a big heart.

“Fix You” Coldplay

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