Life has been a little hectic lately.

Life has been a little hectic lately. In the last 7 weeks or so, I have worked in inordinate amount of overtime. Do you still call it overtime when you're a salaried employee? Not just a few late nights here and there or a few early meetings but multiple days' worth of time. Leading up to our … Continue reading Life has been a little hectic lately.

Looking Back at 2016

I've struggled to put this past year into words. It's been the worst as a whole with the brightest spots of beauty, joy, love, and grace perfectly placed to create a #2016bestnine. In truth, the moments were much more than posed pictures. They were divine intervention. God's hand placed heavily on my heart, proclaiming his … Continue reading Looking Back at 2016

New Moms, Blog Posts, Social Media, and the Need to Impress

While preparing to be a first-time mom, I devoured articles and blog posts on childcare, child health, child learning, child do's and don'ts, parent do's and don'ts, breast-feeding, pumping at work, etc. I learned some amazing things from what I read but I also read through a lot of personal opinions presented as fact. I … Continue reading New Moms, Blog Posts, Social Media, and the Need to Impress

Day of Washing

Today is one of those wonderful winter days we long to have after the days start to feel short and the nights feel long. It's one of those days that breathes new spirit into our lungs and brightens our perspectives. It isn't just the fact that after several days of negative degree wind chills, we're … Continue reading Day of Washing

Too Many Too Young

This year is a hard year. We have lost a lot of people this year as a family, a school, a neighborhood, a community, a state, a people. We have lost Brian, Fred Sr., Paul, and Lindsey - to name a precious few. They were all too young. Lindsey was one of my sorority sisters and … Continue reading Too Many Too Young

Wedding Season and Marriage Advice

Anyone who has been through it before will tell you that there is a season in life when the majority of your friends get married. And while I can't definitively say that this is it for Freddy and me, I'm thinking this it! So far this year, Freddy and I have been honored to receive … Continue reading Wedding Season and Marriage Advice

I Cannot Deny that He is Present

I start off my day with an alarm clock chirping to warn me of the impending workday. It's not just any workday, however; it's Saturday. I roll over in an attempt to ignore my alarm clock and realize that sometime between going to bed and waking up, I've been joined by my handsome husband. The … Continue reading I Cannot Deny that He is Present

Building a Foundation

As of this past Sunday, Freddy and I have started the process to become members at our home church of the past year+. Yay! We're building a foundation for our lives together. You may not be religious, but I assure you that the closer Freddy and I are with God individually, the closer we are … Continue reading Building a Foundation

Pick up the pace. Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub.

Yes, it's time to pick up the pace, to take a leap of faith. I, for one, believe that faith is a funny thing. (Note that I'm not commenting on religious faith here but rather the generally applied definition of faith which we feel free to place in people, situations, goals, or time frames. That … Continue reading Pick up the pace. Lub-Dub. Lub-Dub.