Building a Foundation

As of this past Sunday, Freddy and I have started the process to become members at our home church of the past year+. Yay!

We’re building a foundation for our lives together. You may not be religious, but I assure you that the closer Freddy and I are with God individually, the closer we are as a couple. It’s tried and true for us. Fact is: When we go too many weeks without attending a church service or too many days without praying with one another, we start to pick at each other’s seams.

It’s strange to write about this “out loud” because I think we live in a religious world that yearns to be secular or a secular world that yearns to be religious – either way, I think that many of us hold onto a “private faith.” And sometimes that feels good. Because 1) We could be terrible examples of God’s love at times and people will think that’s acceptable or 2) People will start to watch us to make sure that we ARE good examples and that is, quite frankly, a lot of pressure!

Well to heck with it!

We can’t do it alone. Freddy and I have some powerful love but we also have some powerful faults…which means that we will be terrible examples of a faithful couple (or individuals) at times. I apologize in advance. We promise to try.

And that’s why we’re laying a foundation. And becoming members of our church.

You should know this, because it’s very important to us behind closed doors – and hopefully open ones too. And it’s one of the most important steps in marriage, I believe. To set a foundation.

3 responses to “Building a Foundation”

  1. “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 🙂

  2. I wholeheartedly second your post and Shelly’s comment! =) My fiancé and I could not feel so assured about our relationship if we both didn’t have God involved with our relationship, as well as each of us individually. I loved this post!

  3. Some time in the past I study the website sporadically, but the last posts I’ve study have been actually good, congratulations! I hope that the following are equally as great. If so, here’s a visitor for positive 🙂

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