Tonight I arrived home from a two-day work trip in Massachusetts after this sweet baby had already gone to bed. I'm exhausted but I find myself craving her sleepy dead weight on my chest. So much so that I will tiptoe into her room, slide around the creaky spots in the floor, and peer over … Continue reading #TBT

Dear Emma,

I know how it must seem... I'm your mom and here I am leaning into my career and picking up travel days. I know your days at daycare aren't perfect, as made evident by today's bite mark on your cheek (although you could've fooled me with those smiling eyes when you ran to greet me - you're so … Continue reading Dear Emma,

The Skeleton in the Closet I’ve Asked Someone Else to Clean for Me

A few months ago, I asked about our marriages. How are they? How are they holding up under the early months of parenthood? I'm making a list of all the things to say to new parents when I meet their new bundles, you know. I've said it before but in my list you won't find … Continue reading The Skeleton in the Closet I’ve Asked Someone Else to Clean for Me

A House Peppered with Laughter

Emma Josephine, You have peppered this house with laughter. I choose "peppered" over "filled" because pepper is the best seasoning you can add to any dish, hands down. And because I'm hungry. The point is, I watch you with curiosity as you learn, move, act, react, eat, sleep, play, and I always catch myself smiling, chuckling, … Continue reading A House Peppered with Laughter

What about our marriages?

Can I be honest? I mean completely, nakedly honest? I think we need to talk about something. Something that has fallen between the cracks as the march against Mommy Wars and the parade of BuzzFeed truths has taken over our lives as new moms. I've been keeping my ear to the ground lately, searching for rumblings that this … Continue reading What about our marriages?

Meijer Runs and Grass Grown Green

I was in Meijer this week. I've had several days off over the holidays so after several illnesses ravaged our house and left the place ransacked, I decided to finally make the most out of being at home with Emma. I bundled her up for some grocery shopping and made the decision to slow down. … Continue reading Meijer Runs and Grass Grown Green