Not Quite a Midlife Crisis

It's not often that I write on consecutive days but, as it turns out, yesterday proved to be a very significant day in my life: The start of my 2/5 life crisis. I'm using 2/5 because that's approximately where I am in life using Wikipedia to find the average lifespan in the US. Yes, I … Continue reading Not Quite a Midlife Crisis

Interview with Freddy Jr.

Freddy Jr. (aka "husband" / aka "dad") has been unanimously voted the family MVP today. The votes were cast after reviewing the past three weeks of family events, culminating with today's impromptu nap with the kids. This act allowed Freddy's wife to nap by herself without interruption and ultimately sealed the vote. Let's hear what … Continue reading Interview with Freddy Jr.

A Mile A Day: Day 22

She rode her bicycle while Freddy, Winston, and I walked. She pedaled hard. She almost made the turn from road to sidewalk this time. She only needed a little push. Halfway through the ride, she stopped. "I need to climb this wall," she said. She hopped off her little bike and scaled the retainer wall … Continue reading A Mile A Day: Day 22

A Mile A Day: Day 21

"Can you help me so I don't go too fast?" My daughter and I took today's mile with her on her bicycle and me on foot. Each decent, she asked me to slow her down if her bike started to move too quickly. She didn't panic. One time she even braked on her own without … Continue reading A Mile A Day: Day 21


Tonight I arrived home from a two-day work trip in Massachusetts after this sweet baby had already gone to bed. I'm exhausted but I find myself craving her sleepy dead weight on my chest. So much so that I will tiptoe into her room, slide around the creaky spots in the floor, and peer over … Continue reading #TBT

Dear Emma,

I know how it must seem... I'm your mom and here I am leaning into my career and picking up travel days. I know your days at daycare aren't perfect, as made evident by today's bite mark on your cheek (although you could've fooled me with those smiling eyes when you ran to greet me - you're so … Continue reading Dear Emma,

15 Months: The Age of Awesome and a Perfect Day

15 months of age is awesome. I mean food scarfing, pitter-pattering, uncontrollable giggling matched with hiccuping awesome. Exhibit A: Today, Emma and I engaged in an epic battle of plastic serving spoon vs. pancake flipper.  We chased each other around the house, taking turns smashing the utensils together and playing the offensive. I was slightly worried, … Continue reading 15 Months: The Age of Awesome and a Perfect Day

Happy 1st Birthday, Emma Josephine!

Emma Jo! How in the world has it been over a year since you came into this world?? On April 16th, 2014, you were born. You. were. BORN. In truth, I'm speechless when I think about this past year. It's been impossible, beautiful, encouraging, frustrating, humbling and rewarding. Over the last 12 months, you have … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday, Emma Josephine!

A House Peppered with Laughter

Emma Josephine, You have peppered this house with laughter. I choose "peppered" over "filled" because pepper is the best seasoning you can add to any dish, hands down. And because I'm hungry. The point is, I watch you with curiosity as you learn, move, act, react, eat, sleep, play, and I always catch myself smiling, chuckling, … Continue reading A House Peppered with Laughter