Interview with Freddy Jr.

Freddy Jr. (aka “husband” / aka “dad”) has been unanimously voted the family MVP today. The votes were cast after reviewing the past three weeks of family events, culminating with today’s impromptu nap with the kids. This act allowed Freddy’s wife to nap by herself without interruption and ultimately sealed the vote. Let’s hear what…… Continue reading Interview with Freddy Jr.

An Overnight Work Trip and Two Kids

It’s official. I have kids. Plural. I don’t exactly know what I expected but so far having two kids looks like my husband doing all the things. (Thank you, cesarean section for rendering me nearly useless as a partner but keeping me undeniably alive not once but twice.) He manages all the things with minimal…… Continue reading An Overnight Work Trip and Two Kids

My husband is not my best friend.

It’s an appalling thing to say, I suppose. We’re supposed to feel like our husbands are our best friends. Everyone wants to gush that they’ve married their best friend; we’re trained to look for it, to feel it, to proclaim it at every chance we get! That’s why I would like to say, here and…… Continue reading My husband is not my best friend.

Back into Wedding Mode

I cannot stop flipping through my planner at work! My weekends are filling to the brim with exciting events and things to do. I have a feeling my wedding day is going to be here before I know it! And because of that, I used today to kick myself back into gear. I sent some e-mails,…… Continue reading Back into Wedding Mode