A Planner

I'm a planner. Well, no. That's not entirely correct. What I mean to say is that I'm a natural worrier which is a bit like planning but involves spending much more of your time thinking up outlandish worst case scenarios than actually doing anything to prevent them. But I do own a planner. That's something, … Continue reading A Planner

Garage Entry

    I didn't think to take a picture of the garage entry in the beginning, but it would have been a plain brick wall with carpet. Boring. The entry space was covered in wallpaper (as you can see on the right (please excuse my short shorts)) and is now wallpaper-free with easy-to-clean tile for … Continue reading Garage Entry

The Heart of the Home

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's the place that you spend the most time together and the place where a home's love is tangible and taste-able  In our home, we make no exception. In fact, as self-proclaimed "foodies," our love of this space is probably somewhat heightened from the norm. … Continue reading The Heart of the Home

The Bathroom

I have been waiting to post updates because we haven't exactly finished one room completely yet. We've continued to make progress, of course, but we're still looking for window coverings, a topcoat, some more paint, etc. Unfortunately, all of this waiting for the big reveal has turned me into a total troll. To remedy this, … Continue reading The Bathroom

Phase Two: Wallpaper Be Damned!

As you may have guessed by this post's title, phase one is complete! We are very proud to announce that there is no remaining carpet in the upstairs of our house. In fact, we not only championed the carpet, Freddy also broke up all of the linoleum in the kitchen and one of the living … Continue reading Phase Two: Wallpaper Be Damned!

Books and Revelations and Such…

I finally finished reading The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg. It was a wonderfully written book about following God's calling for us as individuals and learning what that can look like for each person. It also took me incredibly too long to finish. Unfortunately, I am one of those obsessive readers who gets … Continue reading Books and Revelations and Such…

6 Months and Counting

This coming Sunday, Freddy and I will be marking our 6th month of marriage by teaching small group at our church, catching our Sunday service after, and meeting up with friends at a Whitecaps baseball game. Freddy thinks celebrating "month-marker anniversaries" is foolish, so I've arranged the game as the perfect "unassuming" way to make the day … Continue reading 6 Months and Counting

The Grill

Word of advice, newlyweds: 8:45pm is not the perfect time to "go look at grills." Wives, beware! You will not go away from your trip empty-handed. You might even think that you're prepared because you expect a grill purchase at the end of the day, but you've probably forgotten about the grill cover, the spatula, the … Continue reading The Grill