A Venti Iced Chai & A Spirit Renewed

My morning started off like this: You know the type of morning… It’s the one that wakes you up on the wrong side of the bed and sends you plummeting face-first to the floor. The one that sees how tired you’re feeling and chuckles at your silent plea for just 30 more minutes of sleep.…… Continue reading A Venti Iced Chai & A Spirit Renewed

6 Months and Counting

This coming Sunday, Freddy and I will be marking our 6th month of marriage by teaching small group at our church, catching our Sunday service after, and meeting up with friends at a Whitecaps baseball game. Freddy thinks celebrating “month-marker anniversaries” is foolish, so I’ve arranged the game as the perfect “unassuming” way to make the day…… Continue reading 6 Months and Counting