Different Types of Noise

When you live or work in constant noise, it becomes a dull hum to you. Every once in a while you might absent mindedly tune in to realize that your environment really is quite loud, but more often than not, you are immune to the sound. Even though you don’t hear it, however, it has an effect on your body.

Perhaps that’s why I’m always so tired…

Today was one of those “Hey, turn it down!” days. I was sitting at my desk, which is conveniently located on the manufacturing plant floor, when it struck me that I should probably be wearing ear plugs. It’s not that the plant is dangerously loud. As far as plants go, it’s actually quite quiet. But somehow I managed to tune in and it made me wonder if I had just located the source of my exhaustion. Am I on edge? Now that I hear it, do I also feel a correlation with some previously unexplained muscle tension? My neck started throbbing immediately.

I took those trains of thought and sent them on an express track toward Dreamland. (Luckily, Tuesdays are slower days for me as far as customer reports go so I can afford to take the trip from time to time). I started thinking about life at a quiet job – or better yet, a dream job! How different would I seem if you ran into me during the work week? No more bloodshot eyes! Always freshly showered. No wrinkles in my clothes. I’d be bubbling with energy!

I came home to a light Spring storm and opened my window and sliding door. The rain was soothing and the birds were joining in to celebrate the day. That’s when I realized that it’s not about the decibel level. My whole body relaxed and, oddly enough, my much-needed nap was allowed to pass me by as I stayed awake to actively relax. It’s beautiful – the sound of nature.

It’s been raining off and on the entire evening and the sun is only now beginning to set. There’s a difference between NOISE and (perhaps even music). As I soak in all of the tension-relieving sounds, I have to accept that I’ll be right back at the grind tomorrow (we actually have two machine specifically for grinding – how nice).

Sad to say, I am beginning to think that you let a piece of you die when you accept the call to adulthood…

One response to “Different Types of Noise”

  1. Its a proven fact that unrelenting noise wears on the body and soul. When I worked the drive through at the bank, my shoulders were up to my ears by the end of the day and my whole body was tense from constant engine noise and speaker feedback. Don’t settle!

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