Piece the Peace Together.


 : freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
 : harmony in personal relations

 The definitions above were copied from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. Read them again and note the order in which these were placed: Freedom from disquieting thoughts or emotions. Harmony in personal relations. I say the first leads to the second. Find peace in yourself, find peace with others.

I have been piecing the peace back into my life. It started off with spiritual peace, breaking down so that I could find peace in the knowledge that God has me in His hands when I can’t hold myself together. From that, I went on to learn inner peace. I let go of things that were out of my control and I let go of planning every step of my life. I took charge of what I could and found peace in the understanding that I can only choose my own attitude and actions,  not the results of my labor or the attitudes or actions of others. The inner peace I found compelled me to find peace elsewhere, to create peace and inspire peace.

Today, I made peace. A shared conversation exposed truths which provided me with answers to questions that have plagued me to my core. Making peace is perhaps one of the most growing forms in which to experience peace. Making peace means letting go of confusion, hurt, and pain and allowing acceptance (not necessarily understanding or hope) to fill those voids.

I have made peace and although it does not change my circumstance, it lightens the weight that I have felt bearing down on my shoulders. The important thing I need to remember about the growth that has led me here is that I was what I could be at any point in my life. I have grown and I have made peace with what has passed, but I could not have done it any other way during those times.

I am grateful for today’s openness, honesty, and appreciation. It’s a blessing to know that those who have been in my life long enough can know me both where I was and where I am, look at me, and proclaim that they are proud of who I have become.

Piece peace together and you will experience a domino effect. One thing leads to another.

To bring back a sentiment I used to use more regularly: I am blessed and I am grateful.


  1. mom · August 8, 2010

    I wish you pride in yourself for all the things you’ve accomplished, for all the goals you’ve met-
    Perseverance to test your own limits one day, one challenge at a time-
    Courage to live your truth and honor the amazing person you continue to become- and time to make a life so full of joy it’s overflowing.
    Proverbs 3:3-6

  2. Mohamed Kenon · September 3, 2010

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