The Heart of the Home

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place that you spend the most time together and the place where a home’s love is tangible and taste-able  In our home, we make no exception. In fact, as self-proclaimed “foodies,” our love of this space is probably somewhat heightened from the norm.… Continue reading The Heart of the Home

Wedding Nostalgia

Is it too early to have wedding nostalgia? Freddy and I went up to Traverse City this weekend to celebrate the “Winter Happenstance” with the Shier clan. They invited my parents up as well and we spent the weekend eating, drinking, playing “pass the baby” and being merry. It was awesome. Refreshing. Exciting. Calming. You… Continue reading Wedding Nostalgia

A Jubilant Valentine's Day to You

Today is Saint Valentine’s Day, a day historically known for the recognition of Christian martyrs by the name “Valentine” but which has since become an iconic day of love and romance, colored with roses, chocolates and champagne. It’s a day that young couples wait for, married couples pray not forget, and single people altogether curse.… Continue reading A Jubilant Valentine's Day to You