Wedding Nostalgia

Is it too early to have wedding nostalgia?

Wedding Photo Blog

Freddy and I went up to Traverse City this weekend to celebrate the “Winter Happenstance” with the Shier clan. They invited my parents up as well and we spent the weekend eating, drinking, playing “pass the baby” and being merry.

It was awesome. Refreshing. Exciting. Calming. You name it. We are incredibly blessed to have such rockin’ family members!

The last time we were all together like that was our wedding weekend. And I think it’s stirred up some feelings of nostalgia because the next thing you know, I’m going back through our photographers’ shots and reminiscing over all of the excitement and emotions. I miss the closeness we had with one another – both in proximity and frequency of contact.

Don’t get me wrong, that closeness also led to some pretty high feelings of stress – but 20/20 hindsight throws that into the blurred peripheral and all I seem to remember now is the weeks of being on the phone or making dates with family and friends leading up to our big day. The handsomeness of my husband, beaming in his navy suit. The busy hands of our family members to pull everything together in the last few hours.

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday – and it’s also our 4 month marker into marriage. And I love him more every day, if that’s possible. I love him because he surprises me. And because he’s predictable. Because he knows that Horrocks creme brûlée coffee beans melt my heart for Valentine’s Day. And also because he laughs when I sing my own lyrics over top of his favorite songs – at the top of my lungs – for our 2.5 hour car road home. And because when I finally wear him down with my singing, he doesn’t bark or shut me up, he joins in with his own verses so we can volley back and forth until we reach home.

Yup. It’s that kind of love.

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