The Grill

Word of advice, newlyweds: 8:45pm is not the perfect time to “go look at grills.”

Wives, beware! You will not go away from your trip empty-handed. You might even think that you’re prepared because you expect a grill purchase at the end of the day, but you’ve probably forgotten about the grill cover, the spatula, the brush, the propane tank. Oh, yes. Your husband is not merely buying a grill tonight. He’s grilling!

Husbands, your wives might tell you that you need to include them in the purchasing process, but let me translate this for you. Your wife is actually saying: “I want to see where our money is going.” She is not proclaiming that she wants to go pick up the summer sizzler with you so she can load the bad boy into the Jeep and make a Meijer run for those steaks she’s got on the brain.

Men have “man-time” for a reason. And while you should include your wife in the grill-choosing process, you should not count on her to haul a grill up 1.5 flights of stairs to your apartment with you. Not at 8pm. After she’s had weeks of chiropractic visits to fix a back problem.

You see where I’m going with this… Another learning experience for this newlywed (can I still call us that?) couple!

And by the way, the store closes at 9pm. You’re about to be “THAT couple.” 😉

One response to “The Grill”

  1. Haha. Fred looks absolutely gleeful about his grill. Let’s see it all set up.
    But asking you to carry that monster up the steps??!!
    Call me when the steaks are ready! 🙂
    Love you

    PS – Your dad is always circling those grills I call professional, outdoor kitchens.

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